Features Overview

Boundless for Libraries™ offers many features for both patrons and libraries.


Personalized Recommendations

Powered by NoveList™, the most trusted name in Readers Advisory services, Boundless for Libraries™ ensures that patrons will find new titles they’ll love. By leveraging NoveList Select, recommendations are based on a number of factors including reading habits, ratings of materials currently and previously checked out, and most viewed authors and genres.


Rate and review YOUR checkouts

Patrons can rate and review items they have checked out at the library. Ratings are used to improve relevancy of their book recommendations and over time, Boundless for Libraries™ will enhance its selected recommendations for individual patrons.



Boundless for Libraries™ provides the ability to view popular recommendations at your library. Patrons can see which books are recommended the most to others, categorized by authors, genres and titles.  




Increase user engagement with the library. Boundless for Libraries™ makes it simple for users to instantly request copies of recommended items with the simple tap of a button.

Patrons can share their favorite selections with friends on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, or view additional bibliographic information on the library online public access catalog.



Notifications allows Boundless for Libraries to provide up-to-date recommendation information to patrons, encouraging engagement and increasing circulation. Notifications will notify patrons when new recommendations are available for them, and about specific titles they may enjoy.

Interactive notifications let patrons place holds, access newest recommendations, and view information quickly with just a simple tap. Interactive notifications provide the ability to use Boundless for Libraries from the notification bar or lock screen as patrons work in other applications on their device.


Analytics and Insights

Powerful analytics allow libraries to gather insights on the types of recommendations being offered, including popular genres, authors and titles. Librarians can use these tools to adjust their collection development methods.